The idea behind Acoustis

Hearing and seeing well is an unprecedented necessity. We have seen the cost, complexity and stigma of getting hearing aids and glasses, it just shouldn't be that difficult. So we started from zero. Design a new concept, with innovative tools, expert support and quality products at a fair price. Our goal was to break down barriers on hearing health and glasses, one by one. We want to be the first comprehensive hearing and vision care company to make a world of sound accessible to everyone. Hearing is such an important sense, don't ignore the signs of hearing loss. Come see our trained professionals who can help you better understand your hearing. Only 1/3 of hard of hearing Canadians are looking for a solution. Hearing loss can lead to social isolation and depression. Symptoms of hearing loss can be progressive. It usually starts with difficulty distinguishing sounds and hearing. You can make an appointment for a free hearing assessment today. We are proud to be a partner of the best hearing care professionals. They are fully qualified and trained to provide a comprehensive hearing test and find the best technologies and solutions for you.


Exclusive to Maison Lunetis, a unique creation to adapt to your hearing aids. You don't have to choose between "fashion and comfort".